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As a REALTOR®, I believe relationships are what life is all about. I have been licensed in real estate since 1985 where for my first 11 years I focused on Commercial Real Estate in the highly competitive market of Dallas, TX. I was an owner/partner and a consistent top producer. My clients were CEO’s and CFO’s of corporations that trusted me to coordinate and negotiate the second largest expense item any company undertakes: rent.

The next phase of my life was to start a family and that was a real test to my multi-tasking and organizational abilities. In 1995, we moved to Colorado Springs for a lifestyle change, which was clearly a great choice. Ready to return to the Real Estate Business, I decided to combine my skills with my high level of service and strong negotiations to the Residential Business.

I have built my business working by referrals and am committed to exceeding my clients expectations for caring customer service. I also pride myself on maintaining a sense of balance in my life. I believe living my personal values helps me honor yours.

In order to increase my level of expertise, I have acquired the following designations: GRI which only 13% of Realtors earn in their career, and CNE- Certified Negotiation Expert. I am honored to be a member of the Colorado Springs ELITE 25.

Know you have my support in every way and my experience to guide you. I commit to give you the confidence you need and the support you’ve been looking for.

So when you decide that you’d like to buy or sell a home in the Colorado Springs area, please contact me.

As seen in "Top Agent Magazine"

Suzanne Holland

Platinum Group Realtors

For Suzanne Holland, success is a by-product of the balance between having fun and doing a good job. And she would know. When she got her start in the industry, she was as a partner and top producer for a commercial real estate company in Dallas. Although she was incredibly successful, she was feeling the effects of a high-pressure, high stress job. So she decided to sell her business and move to Colorado Springs to enjoy life and maximize her time with her daughter. After taking a few years off, she decided to get back into real estate and was drawn to the interpersonal qualities that residential real estate offered

“Commercial real estate is about crunching numbers and driving hard deals,” she said. “With residential, you’re making connections and helping people. It’s much more rewarding.”

One of Suzanne’s favorite aspects of her job is guiding her clients through the real estate process, and creating an experience that alleviates stress and maximizes success.

Buying or selling a home is a major life event with a lot of emotional and financial decisions,” she said. I like to listen to my clients, and find out what is important to them. When clients are given the information they need they are confident and can make good decisions  for themselves.

Suzanne, who works primarily by referral, is a pro at building relationships. She describes herself as “very outgoing and social” and likes to entertain. She hosts several parties a year, coordinates client appreciation events and will often be found hiking or spending time with her clients. She also will do special things like send cards to her clients’ and their kids on their birthdays, and she loves to write personal notes.

“I like to do fun things to stay in front of clients, who often turn into friends,” she said. “Getting to know them better builds long-term relation ships and for me it is all about the relationships not just the transaction.”

“I am fortunate to work with people who appreciate and value my services. I have flexibility, which has allowed me to be the mom I want to be and, I live in a beautiful place!”

Suzanne also believes in not only building relationships with clients, but also other agents. As part of the Platinum Group REALTORS®, she is surrounded by the best in the business. She also is a member of Elite 25, a select group of the top 1% REALTORS® in the area, and it has proven invaluable for networking.

In addition, Suzanne is on the board of the Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Institute and believes in their mission of celebrating the drive, spirit and diversity of women in film.

With a such a busy life, it’s important for Suzanne to break away and recharge. She travels quite a bit and also has a second home in Summit County.

“I am on all the time,” she said. “I need to disconnect at times and recharge so I can be present to myself and others.

The formula has worked for Suzanne, who is among the top 100 agents in Colorado Springs and one of the highest producing agents in Southwest area.

“I am fortunate to work with people who appreciate and value my services. I have flexibility, which has allowed me to be the mom I want to be and, I live in a beautiful place!”

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